Click some note names! :D

What's this, then?

Click a few notes to learn the musical scales they produce.

This tone wheel is not a circle of fifths. It's just the chromatic sequence. It'll tell you the keys that you can build with a handful of notes, but this doesn't give you any of the extra clues about key signature or interval that you get from the traditional circle. I'm using Jan's Circle of Fifths (Flash) to teach myself how that all works.

Superpeggio knows about the major scales and the natural, harmonic, and melodic minors.

If you have any suggestions for making this better, you could email me, but it would be much cooler if you sent me a pull request on Github.

Thanks! neilk, theclubgeek, dirkgrayson, donthemagicwon

CC-BY-SA Ari Lacenski in late 2012 | Written in JavaScript and HTML5